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WPF Behavior Library is a set of additional actions for WPF that allow you to add extra behaviors to a control quickly and easily. Currently the only behavior is Drag & Drop but more are planned. Help, comments, and feedback are welcome.

If you find issues with any of the behaviors or have any suggestions please send an email or log them in the issue tracker.

Current behaviors:
  • Drag & Drop in controls that inherit from ItemsControl (e.g. Listbox, ListView, TabControl). Based on an excellent behavior by Ed Foh with additional tweaks and features.


Simple Drag & Drop Example

<ListBox Margin="5" ItemTemplate="{StaticResource ListBoxDataTemplate}">
        <dd:DragDropBehavior ItemType="{x:Type local:Person}" DataTemplate="{StaticResource ListBoxDataTemplate}" />

Feature Roadmap
  • Drag & Drop Behavior
    • Allow dropping across windows
    • Extend beyond ItemsControls
  • Numeric TextBox Behavior
  • Virtual Keyboard Input Behavior

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